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Hello, and welcome to my corner of the 'net. My name is Kevin Watson and I lead the development of flight computing hardware and software for the LauncherOne project at Virgin Galactic.

Prior to joining Virgin Galactic, I managed the flight computing group at SpaceX for five years. In the flight computing group we designed the computers and networking hardware for SpaceX launch vehicles and spacecraft. I was personally responsible for the overall architectural design of fault-tolerant computing systems, as well as the design of computer and networking hardware used in the current generation Falcon 9 launch vehicle and Dragon spacecraft.

I started my career at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 1984 and spent the next twenty-four years as an active member of the flight avionics, robotics, and radiation effects communities. When I left JPL I was the group supervisor of the Advanced Computer Systems and Technologies Group in the Flight Avionics Section. Here's a snapshot of my my old JPL webpage.


Looking for FIRST Robotics software? My archived FIRST Robotics software and documentation can be found here. I've also ported some of my FIRST Robotics code to run on the very cool VEX Robotics controller. Vex code can be found here.

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